• AQUIS – Original Hair Turban, Perfect Hands-Free...

    EXPERTS RECOMMEND WASHING HAIR DAILY TO STAY HEALTHY: Prevent water damage and keep hair strong and healthy by using AQUIS Originals Hair Towels and Turbans. Specifically engineered w/AQUITEX fabric to gently and quickly wick water from hair and bring it from wet to damp 50% faster, in the most efficient and healthiest way possible.
    DID YOU KNOW HAIR IS WEAKEST WHEN WET? Up to 56% weaker to be exact. When hair is sopping wet it becomes waterlogged. The cuticle gets swollen with an overdose of water—more rapidly if hair is color or chemically treated—causing hair to lose its strength. Getting hair to a damp state as quickly as possible without heat or friction helps minimize damage and breakage. And hair is healthier, happier, easier to manage and style.
    QUALITY THAT LASTS: Instead of spending money on a multitude of hair products every year in an attempt to mask or repair damage, changing your hair drying habits can make a huge difference. By simply investing in an AQUIS Turban and adding it to your hair washing routine, you’ll soon notice hair behaves better as it regains strength. Our durable AQUIS Turbans last more than three years and will help prevent damage from occurring in the first place.

  • Duomishu 3 Pack Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap Turban for...

    🌷SUPER WATER-ABSORBENT🌷: NEW LARGE SIZE: 27.5*11.8 inches are designed for thick, curly or long hair.Our hair towel is made of cationic fabric material which is extremely soft, super absorbent and fast drying. Water absorption of cationic fabric is 3 X than ordinary hair towel. This is a perfect product to help hair dry naturally and reduces frizz for people who wash hair every day and reduce the use of hairdryers especially.
    🌷NO SLIPPING, NO FALLS OFF🌷: Hair towel equipped with button and loop which stops it from unraveling. You can bend your head forward and let your hair flow naturally. Then put on the magic hair drying Cap and twist of all hair, folding back the magic hair drying cap button up on the hair. it’s a perfect gift for all women.
    🌷DURABLE, NOT EASY TO DAMAGE🌷: The towel is much durable than normal towels. It won’t wear out or lose any ability even if was washed hundreds of times.

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