• Brooklyn Biltong – Air Dried Grass Fed Beef Snack,...

    FAMILY RECIPE – The story of Brooklyn Biltong starts with the owner’s grandpa, a South African butcher known for making incredible, delicious biltong. Brooklyn Biltong is introducing this beefy, delicious treat to America, using his authentic method
    NUTRITIOUS – With 240g of protein per bag and 0g carbs, Brooklyn Biltong is a healthy, natural snack. Unlike most processed jerky, it’s made with grass-fed beef, and it’s always sugar free, nitrate free, and gluten free.
    GREAT FLAVOR – Biltong is marinated in vinegar and spices before being air dried, a process that gives it an incredible steaky flavor, and tender, chewy bite. Brooklyn Biltong comes in three flavors: Original, Zulu Peri-Peri, and Steakhouse.

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