• High Fidelity Professional Ear Plugs – Most effective...

    HEARING PROTECTION – By continuously exposing your ears to noise over 65db (a normal conversation), you increase the risk of irreversible hearing loss. With innovative attenuation filters, our high-quality ear plugs are specially designed to filter and reduce the sound by up to 27db to protect your ears.
    BETTER THAN FOAM – Comparing to the traditional single-use foam ear plugs, our reusable concert earplugs are engineered to filter and reduce the sound instead of canceling it. Investing in a pair of study ear plugs with our Inbound Vibes Earplugs sound blocking system, you will be able to block out only the painful noises without reducing the sound quality.
    ACOUSTIC EAR PLUGS FOR MULTIPLE USES – No matter what hobby you have and what music enthusiast you are, you need a comfy musicians ear plugs. These are great for musicians, drummers, guitarists, DJs, festivals, shows, nightclubs, bars, construction, loud work environments, dental workers, fitness, sports, motorcycles, and more.

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