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    COMPRESSION SOCKS – At times, Compression socks are viewed as medicinal products. We intend allay this myth by combining fashion, technology and science to bring you the triple comfort without. Upgraded – The material of our compression socks are upgraded with nylon percentage from 40% to 85%. Delivers 360-degree stretch for greater flexibility and durability. Breathable high performance fabric keeps an optimal temperature.
    COMFORT – We carefully designed and manufactured our compression socks to provide premium support, comfort, and relief without compromising your mobility. Form fitting, lightweight, and breathable fabric features maintain joint stability regardless of activity.
    EFFECTIVE – Our compression socks (15-20 mmHg) are recommended by doctors and preferred by trainers. Help relieve pain & discomfort related to plantar fasciitis, a LONG TERM Solution no overnight quick fix. These are designed to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow preventing cramping, fatigue, swelling and helps in muscle recovery, spider, varicose veins and diabetic.

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    🧦 IMPROVE & BOOST CIRCULATION WITH GRADUATED COMPRESSION – Our graduated compression technology (15-25mmHg) provides the ideal compression to provide the maximum boost to your blood circulation and increase stamina. This helps reduce lactic acid build up and aids muscle recovery in your calf, ankle, shins, feet, and legs. Why let yourself suffer any longer? Let our compression socks help you promote recovery, reduce injury, and feel great.
    🧦 MULTIPURPOSE USE – Travel, Flights, Pregnancy, Athletics, Recovery, Business, and Casual! We spent 2 years designing stylish pairs of compression socks that you can wear everywhere – from the boardroom and sports field, to airplanes and home.
    🧦 ANTI-ODOR and ANTI-STATIC – Comrad’s unique fabric stops the growth of bacteria and fungus, while wicking moisture/sweat away from your feet. Deodorizes and keeps you dry.

  • McDavid Elite Compression Socks to Improve Circulation...

    Targeted compression creates increased blood flow to feet and calves
    Anatomical 3D knit design at toe and heel for improved comfort and protection
    Unique specialty yarn for added recovery, energy, comfort, sweat Absorption, circulation and anti-microbial properties