• CZZZ Weighted Blanket 3 lbs – 36″x48″...

    RELAX & IMPROVE SLEEP: CZZZ Weighted Blanket is Developed by a Neurologist to Relax and Promote Deeper Sleep. Gentle weight from the heavy blanket stimulates the deep touch receptors throughout the body to release serotonin and promotes relaxation like a warm hug.
    ADVANCED TECHNIQUE & PREMIUM MATERIAL: CZZZ weighted blanket is made of 100% breathable natural COTTON material and filled with premium Glass beads. The beads are placed into small polyester pockets that keep the beads evenly distributed. To prevent the glass beads leakage, we added two layers microfiber inside, which is also breathable and designed to offer better temperature control.
    SUGGESTED WEIGHT & SIZE: Please choose the blanket that weighs about 7%-13% of your body weight. A weighted blanket is supposed to be individual use and should not go over the edges of bed. That’s why a twin, queen or king-size weighted blanket is much SMALLER than twin, queen or king-size regular blanket.

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